Good People. Good Business.

With over 25 years’ commercial and sales experience within the Private Sector in a variety of Senior Management and Director positions, I truly understand the importance of B2B and having the right people in the right place at the right time.

Responsibility for developing and matching business strategy to people strategy has been at the forefront of my expertise. Leading, Managing and Developing People is my passion which has given me the key skills required for staff engagement, motivation and retention.

I am a fully qualified Associate CIPD HR professional (Level 7 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and have a Law Degree (LLB Hons). This unique mix of professional qualifications coupled with my industry experience has given me a thorough understanding of Employment Law and the expert knowledge of the employer-employee relationship.

I talk your language whether its discussing your P&L statement, your Operational efficiencies, your Sales and Marketing plan or your staff’s Training and Development needs. I can work with you to form a strategic partnership, creating value through your people and help your business develop or maintain your competitive advantage.

It’s all about your People because Good People make a Good Business.


A true partnership between your Staff and Human Resources (HR) can be one of your company’s most valuable relationships. For your People to do their job effectively, they will need to feel happy, motivated and focused at all times. This is a big challenge but with our support, productivity and sales will grow giving you that competitive advantage.



We understand business. With this knowledge and skill, HR and your Team’s partnership can flourish, and the important people challenges are able to be resolved with the appropriate training and development initiatives. We can help you create or improve your working environment to increase your Team’s Motivation and Engagement through Recognition, Rewards and Compensation plans.



We understand the importance of Business Strategy, so there will be no assumptions about your Talent Requirements. We can help you make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job who are not only skilled with the relevant experience, but their attitude and general approach to their work is aligned with your business objectives.


"AT RMHR Ltd we are not just any HR Consultancy, we understand business and the challenges you face with aligning Your People with Your business goals."